Wilhelmina worked with me on re-designing my website and has produced a visually satisfying and easily navigable model. I wanted it to be both an archive and an unfolding overview of recent and current work and she has produced a design that fulfils this extremely well whilst at the same time being easily manageable for updating.


Website case study

Painter John Keane explores some of the most difficult contemporary subjects: political themes, international conflict and the aftermath of religious terrorism. He came to Bound Book through a recommendation, when he started having difficulties with his existing “static” website. The site still functioned, but he was unable to update anything because the technology had become outdated. An added complication was that he did not have a dedicated update system for the site; he was editing the raw html pages and uploading them directly with ftp, which invited all sorts of mistakes!

I visited him in his London studio and we worked together to completely redesign the site. He preferred to keep a simple style of webpages which display images, videos and texts one after another. I added to this a responsive layout which works elegantly on hand-held devices (phones), and some rigorous paring down of image sizes for a faster-loading site.

I also built a bespoke “Content Management” system so that he can make regular updates without getting involved with any of the back-end code. As John Keane is a prolific artist and likes to document his studio process as well as the finished paintings, there were hundreds of existing images and captions that I needed to process in Photoshop and transcribe to the new database. Now the site is up and running though, new material is automatically resized during the uploading process.